Ministry of Agriculture Land Irrigation Animal Production & Health and Agrarian Development – Western Province

Preparation and implementation of polices with regards to social, economic and cultural development of all the communities living in the Western Province under the subjects of Agriculture, Land & Irrigation, Animal Production and Agrarian Development respective major and consequential activities by properly maneuvering physical, financial and human resources exist simultaneous to national policy of the government.


Premier of Sustainable Development


To provide excellent service which fairly enables everyone to achieve an optimal living standard by properly managing human, physical, financial, technological resources and legal provisions formulation, planning, direction, coordination, organization, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of policies.


  • Providing an optimal service for the customer
  • An excellent professional public officers
  • United team, strong bond
  • Service with transparency, honesty and devotion
  • Exemplary provincial Ministry
  • Phases ahead with use of new technological method
  • Priority for creativity


  • Preparation & implementation of polices which helps to operate activities of Agriculture, Land & Irrigation, Animal Production and Agrarian Development more effective in the Western Province
  • Identifying problems and obstacles arisen on account of various discrepancies existing in the province for the promotion of agriculture and agrarian Development
  • Enovation, Maintenance and improvement of minor irrigation system of the province and establishing an optimal irrigation management mechanism through awareness in a way of helping agricultural Develop.
  • Guiding institutions to provide maximum contribution to improve production volume of the province using modern Tech. & Technical methods
  • Carrying out exemplary establishment management and coordination through the proper utilization of existing resources