Mihilak Liquid Fertilizer

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Importing fertilizer into the country annually costs a huge amount of money. If that amount of money can be used for the development of the country, it will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the country. In fact, the Western Province is like the heart of the country’s economy. The vast majority of the export processing zones that bring foreign exchange to the country are located there. In addition, large numbers of people flock to Colombo, Gampaha and other districts for employment. As a result, the Western Province is densely populated and the area under cultivation is very limited.

The project of producing effective international standardized organic liquid fertilizer using organic manure disposal material is being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Western Province.

This project is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Western Province under the supervision of the Governor. All research and operation of this organic liquid fertilizer production is carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Western Province.

A new factory has now been set up at the Aquaculture Development Project site in Pitipana, Negombo. All the raw materials used for this are waste types. It already produces high quality organic liquid fertilizer required for various crops.

The condition is guaranteed under routine laboratory quality testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory. Also, the high quality of this new organic liquid fertilizer has been confirmed by observations made using various vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants etc. through its model farm. Accordingly, the researchers have confirmed that the yield of this fertilizer can be 25% -50% higher than the current yield. This new type of organic fertilizer has been introduced to the market not only in liquid but also in granular form.

For further inquiries you can call the Ministry of Agriculture, Western Provincial Council on 0112 092652.

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